What a treat – to be recruited by a cycling studio owner or manager :)

I’ll never forget the call I received back in 2006 from Kim, who was a Group Fitness Dept Head with Life Time Fitness…

Hi John, this is Kim from the Minnetonka Life Time Fitness. I’ve heard some wonderful things about your classes. Would you be open to talking with me about teaching here?

I’m sure you would have responded as I did; “YES! When can we meet?”

That call lead to an awesome 9+ year run as an Instructor at Lifetime – ending only when we decided to move to Tampa, FL. So how did this happen? Why did Kim know to call me?

I promoted myself and my classes. Kim knew to call me because I asked a few friends who I rode with (and were Life Time members) to “suggest” that her Instructor roster was incomplete, she was missing a true “cyclist” on the team.

It was really that easy… and there’s no reason why you couldn’t do the same 🙂

Putting yourself out there… so you can be found and recruited!

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  1. colemaryj on

    I am looking for an indoor cycling instructor position in Brevard County Florida. I have a 3 Star MadDogg certification. Please contact me at Colemaryj@ Aol.com
    Thank you,
    Mary Jane Cole

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