Answers to frequently asked (and anticipated) questions

Why should I pay, when there’s a bunch of places I can post a job listing for free?

To paraphrase the outlaw Jesse James’ reply after being asked; “why do you rob banks”?

“because that’s where the Instructors are…”

Sure, you could post your Instructor help wanted listing on any number of free sites. Problem is that none of those free websites like are promoting your listing where it will be found by prospective applicants. is a part of the ICI/PRO family of websites: , , Studio Owners Facebook Group , , &

We eat/sleep & breath Indoor Cycling!

Everyone uses Google to search for anything these days and the #1 response to a search for Indoor Cycling Instructor is – the home of ICI/PRO!

Your listing is also auto posted at our page which is promoted to all of the Cycling Instructor related FB pages.

Where else will my listing appear?

Through our relationship with, every job you post is also added to’s powerful search engine.

But should I also promote my listing on Craigslist?

Yes, absolutely you should. But instead of typing out yet another jobs listing, we suggest you create your listing here and then just add the link URL for your listing on local sites like Craigslist and others.

What does No Expiration Date mean?

Each of our Jobs Packages includes a specific number of job postings. You can use your purchased listings at any time – they never expire 🙂

Why do you list Spinning® Instructor jobs as separate job classification?

This post explains why

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