Could you be a Master Instructor, Trainer or Presenter?

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Dreams of rising to the top of your profession is perfectly natural. A desire to become a Master Indoor Cycling Instructor, Trainer or Fitness Presenter is the goal of many experienced Instructors – I know this because I’ve been asked multiple times; “how can I become a MI for [ insert major IC brand here ] ?” What prompted these questions is how a number of contributors at ICI/PRO have been selected as Master Instructors in the past.

A recent success story of mine is helping Instructor Dennis Mellon advance his career to where he’s now presenting at major fitness conferences 🙂

So what exactly does it take for you to become a MI? You can listen to this Podcast to learn how one Instructor was able to catch the eye of Cameron Chinatti who’s the past director of education for FreeMotion and now with the same title at Stages Indoor Cycling.


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