Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor Jobs

Are you a passionate Indoor Cycling rider/participant and think you’d enjoy being the Instructor?

Clubs and Studios are constantly looking for certified Instructors – so your job prospects are GOOD! While participation in a live Instructor training is preferred, for some it’s not an option. An online certification could be a good alternative that would prepare you for teaching your first class.

We strongly recommend* the Cycling Fusion Online Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification for your initial certification. Cycling Fusion is well known by many GF department heads and studio owners = this certification should qualify you to teach at most locations – except where a Mad Dogg Athletics (Spinning®) cert is required… however you should contact the studio where you wish to teach, before investing any time or money.

  *NOTE: There are a number of online certification mills where you pay $$$ and only take a simple test to earn a certification. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! No club manager or studio owner that I know will accept these. All legitimate certifications should take a day or more to complete.

New Instructors will learn over the 6 hour Cycling Fusion course

  • Proper Indoor Cycle / Bike Setup
  • Proper Form & Technique
  • Real Cycling. Real Training. Real Results.
  • Risk Stratification
  • Sample Drills & Classes
  • Designing the Ride
  • Working with Music
  • Communication & Presentation

This online certification course includes 2 complete Master Classes that you watch on demand.

Additional information can be found here.